Remembering Forgetting emerged from a series of walks around my local area, noting memories that were triggered by what I observed. I became fascinated by the notion of memory slippage, that an abandoned chair could make me think about having missed someone’s birthday.
The project evolved into a personal meditation on middle-aged memory; I became curious about the fine line between forgetting just enough and forgetting too much. With this meander through my own remembered lapses I want to shine a light on the intricacy and frailty of memory.
I’d like to encourage reflection on how a visual image or scene can trigger an unrelated memory, and of how forgetting is an invisible yet significant part of life. I used the project to explore how human memory processes work – or sometimes don’t.
Virtual Exhibition
The full series was exhibited in a virtual 3D gallery from 11th December 2020 to 28th February 2021. While the exhibition is no longer publicly accessible, it is available for viewing on request for a limited time.
Selected images from the series

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